Low Hanging Fruit of Social Media: 12 Quick Changes That Will Make Big Results

SocialMediaTipsThere are some quick changes you can make to your profiles, pages, and activity that can make a big difference in results. These 12 simple profile hacks and engagement tips are easy to implement. The author also gives plenty of examples of companies which has does it well.


  • Add calls to action to your page’s cover photo
  • Insert a link to your website in the short description of your page
  • Get employees to connec the company page to their personal profiles
  • Engage using your page


  • Insert a link to your website in the bio of your profile
  • Get employees to add the company’s @username in the bio of their profiles
  • Share branded media that links back to your website
  • Turn tweets into testimonials


  • Place links directly on your professional page
  • Get employees to add the company’s page to their professional profile
  • Add targeted variations to your products and services
  • Create hyper-targeted LinkedIn ads

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