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RethinkcontentmarketingThis is the most comprehensive ebook on content marketing that I’ve seen! It captures the concepts and ideas of thirty-one of the most prominent individuals working within the digital marketing domain.

List of contributors and the titles of their chapters:

  • Joe Pulizzi: Foreword
  • Lee Odden : The Speed of Change
  • Bas van den Beld: The Role of Content in Modern Day Marketing
  • Rick Ramos : 7 Reasons Why Content Marketing is the New Black
  • Matt Roberts: Use Content to Supercharge Your Organic Marketing
  • Rob Garner: If You Have a Website, Then You Are Already a Real-Time Publisher
  • Andrew Smith: What Can Content Marketing Learn from PR? And Vice Versa
  • Danny Denhard: Creating the Perfect Cocktail: Do PR, Social, SEO and Content Mix Well Together
  • Nick Garner: Organic Marketing Driving Social Influence
  • Phil Mackechnie: Breaking Down Internal Silos
  • Robert Rose: Be Remarkable or Fail
  • Kevin Gibbons: Creating a Multichannel Content Marketing Strategy
  • Paul Roetzer: The Art and Science of Content Marketing Collide
  • Michael Brito: Transforming Your Brand to the Next Media Company
  • Ann Handley: Does Your Content Convey Honest Empathy
  • Darren Fell: With Content, You Reap What You Sow
  • Hannah Smith: Why You Need Great Content
  • Stuart Tofts: How to Use Content to Diversify and Strengthen Your Online Marketing
  • Melissa Rach: What Makes Content Great
  • Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton: The Year That Content Grew Up
  • Susan Genelius: Great Content is Shareworthy Content
  • Suzanne Fanning: Content is No Longer King
  • Henneke Duistermaat: How to Write Great Content and Become an Influential Writer
  • Avinash Kaushik: The See-Think-Do Framework
  • Simon Penson: Content Strategy (Make Your Ideas Your Friends)
  • Andreas Ramos: The Hub-and-Spoke Model of Content
  • Chelsea Adams: 5 Fresh Ways to Use Content Marketing as Lead Generation
  • Jonathan Alderson: Measuring the ROI of Content Marketing
  • Stephen Lock: Frameworks to Audit, Measure & Maximise Content Marketing ROI
  • Gerry McGovern: Quality Content Means Measuring Outcomes, Not Inputs
  • Kristjan Hauksson: Content Impacts on a Global Scale

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